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How to Make Matching Cheer Uniforms Unique How to Make Matching Cheer Uniforms Unique
Some pieces of cheerleading apparel help squad members remain unique while still dressing in basic uniform. Try these outfits and ideas to help mix up your uniforms and inspire your own original cheer outfit ideas.
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Preparing for Cheerleading Tryouts Preparing for Cheerleading Tryouts
There’s never enough time to prepare for cheerleading tryouts. When you’ve attended cheer camps, asked upperclassmen on the squad for tips, and practiced every single day of the summer, what else can you do to get ready? Sometimes simply wearing the right cheerleading clothes to tryouts can really help give you that upper edge you need to stand out.
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Creating Cheerleading Uniforms for a Costume Creating Cheerleading Uniforms for a Costume
You don’t have to be a cheerleader to dress like one. Creating cheerleading uniforms for a costume can be easy and fun if you know what to look for. A good cheerleading outfit contains a few quintessential cheerleading items: a short skirt, a cheerleading sweater or tank top, and a set of pom poms. With these basic items in hand, you can add a few accessories from around the house to create a complete cheer uniform.
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Is Cheerleading the Right Sport for Your Child? Is Cheerleading the Right Sport for Your Child?
Cheerleading is a very well-known sport, rich in history and tradition. However, it’s not right for everyone. How do you know if it’s the right fit for your child? Many children go into sports just to find that they dread each practice and game. Before your child heads off to build a pyramid, here are some ways to tell if cheerleading would be a good fit.
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Cheerleading Teams of the NFL Cheerleading Teams of the NFL
One of the best parts about watching NFL games is the cheerleaders. Amazingly, not every NFL team has a pack of high-energy acrobats to entertain the crowds. But the ones that do give off a blasting surge of powerful excitement and show off more than their splendid cheerleading apparel.
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Cheerleader Shop von CHEER PLANET mit Cheerleader Bedarf wie Pompon, Pompons, Ch Cheerleader Shop von CHEER PLANET mit Cheerleader Bedarf wie Pompon, Pompons, Ch
Kontinuität findet sich bei der Arbeit von Cheer Planet vor allem im Unterschied. Was vor 20 Jahren in den eigenen vier Wänden und mit einer alten Nähmaschine bei Tanja Hermans begann, ist heut die Erfolgsgeschichte von Cheer Planet, dessen Outfits sich schon durch Auftritte in bekannten Formaten wie "Alarm für Cobra 11" oder in Kooperationen mit Burger King und Kodak einen Namen gemacht haben.
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How to Get a Great Deal on Cheerleading Gear How to Get a Great Deal on Cheerleading Gear
Cheer gear is unique and variable, and can also often be expensive. From cheerleading pom poms to Asics cheer shoes, anything to cut the price is welcome. A great way to get a cut on the price of cheerleading gear is to check out second-hand sports shops or companies offering “factory seconds.” Second-hand clothes can be found at hugely discounted prices with no more than negligible wear and tear. Factory seconds, or perfectly new clothes with slight blemishes can also be found at rock-bottom prices.
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How to Help Your Kids Hone Their Passion How to Help Your Kids Hone Their Passion
Nowadays there are programs for a child’s every interest. From soccer camps to accelerated learning classes, the ability to help your children build on their interests is easier than ever. And leading your child toward their interests and personal talents can help create lasting emotional profits. Pairing your child’s passion with their talents helps them positively expand their horizons and build confidence and creativity.
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Cheerleading Necessities Cheerleading Necessities
What's necesssary to get your cheer on? You, of course! But cheerleading, like any sport, comes with a list of required equipment. If you're getting ready to go rally the troops and get the fans riled up, but need a quick reminder of what should be on your cheer apparel shopping list, here's a quick refresher course...
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Cheerleading Apparel Essentials Cheerleading Apparel Essentials
Clothing fashions and trends are constantly changing, and sports team uniforms and cheerleading apparel are no exception. Cheerleading uniforms need to be trendy and eye-catching in addition to being comfortable, warm, and easy to move in. Make sure your cheer squad is a leader of school spirit and current cheerleading apparel trends with quality constructed double-knit uniforms.
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Cheerleading Competition Checklist Cheerleading Competition Checklist
On competition day, you can’t afford to leave anything behind. Every detail matters and can make a difference in the judges’ final decisions, so it pays to have a checklist of items your squad is required to bring and to double or triple check that list to make sure you’re prepared.
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Cheerleading Shirt Essentials for Every Squad Cheerleading Shirt Essentials for Every Squad
The more cheerleading apparel you own the more options you’ll have when it comes to uniform choices, as long as you purchase them in bulk for the entire squad. Here are some tips for adding cheerleading shirts to your squad’s uniform without breaking the bank.
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